Caldwell Cassady & Curry Prevails Against Apple Again with $22M Verdict

DALLAS – Cellular Communications Equipment, LLC (CCE) – a subsidiary of Acacia Research Group, LLC – won a demonstrative victory against Apple Inc. in a case that attracted the attention of intellectual property experts around the country. Attorneys from Caldwell Cassady & Curry, a high-stakes civil litigation firm specializing in patent infringement and co-founder disputes, represented CCE in the Eastern District of Texas case.

The suit, which centered on Apple’s infringement of CCE’s Long-Term Evolution (LTE) network technology patent, resulted in a verdict of more than $22 million for the plaintiff. The monetary award is considered a running royalty for Apple’s infringement through March 2016.

“Intellectual property is the foundation that many companies are built on,” said Brad Caldwell, lead counsel for CCE. “It needs to be respected and defended at all costs, which is why we are so pleased with today’s verdict. The jury worked very hard, and they reached the right result.”

Representing CCE were Caldwell, Cassady & Curry founding partners Brad Caldwell and J. Austin Curry. Serving as co-counsel for CCE were Ed Nelson of Nelson Bumgardner and Wesley Hill of Ward, Smith & Hill. 

Caldwell, Cassady & Curry, headquartered in Dallas and run by the three founding partners, has become the go-to firm for high-stakes civil litigation. Specializing in co-founder disputes and patent law, the firm has won some of the most significant cases and largest verdicts of the past decade. It has done so by critically examining the opposition’s approaches, identifying vulnerabilities, and outflanking adversaries with the firm’s in-depth trial experience.