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Why Caldwell Cassady & Curry?

At Caldwell Cassady & Curry, we try intellectual property and business disputes that have produced some of the largest verdicts of the past decade against some of the largest companies and the largest law firms in the country.

Because of the successful outcomes we have achieved for our clients, we are able to compensate our associates competitively: the starting salary for first-year associates is $205,000, and with our merit-based compensation structure, the combination of salary, year-end bonuses, and periodic special bonuses means that total compensation may exceed (sometimes significantly) associate compensation at large Texas and national firms.

Work Differently

Our work experience is genuinely different than what you might find at other firms. Every lawyer at Caldwell Cassady & Curry has significant roles in high-stakes cases. In addition to taking depositions, briefing motions, and engaging with clients, our young lawyers have argued at crucial hearings, taken witnesses at trial, and argued before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. On the flip side, our senior lawyers take part (efficiently) in document review, the discovery process, and conducting legal research while ensuring that every lawyer on a case is fully engaged in the matter. We treat every case like it is going to trial and we collaborate like a trial team from day one.

That heightened responsibility also comes with a higher level of autonomy than you might find at other firms. Because we trust all our lawyers to be completely invested in and accountable for their cases, we also trust them to be the best judges of their own schedules. Trials are intense, traveling to deposition after deposition can be exhausting, and sometimes our work requires long hours. But in between those times, we can serve our clients to the utmost of our abilities while still making it home for dinner, taking time off as needed, and not interrupting our colleagues’ vacations unless absolutely necessary.

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