Exemplary Cases

Nanoco Technologies Ltd. v. Samsung Electronics Co.

Caldwell Cassady & Curry helped UK-based Nanoco Technologies Ltd. secure a $150 million settlement in a patent infringement lawsuit against technology giant Samsung Electronics Co. Nanoco, a company born from a university research group, is a leading innovator in nanoparticle and quantum dot technology. The company’s heavy metal-free quantum dots mitigate health risks presented by the use of toxic materials like cadmium in commercial products such as televisions and other displays. Nanoco filed suit in 2020 based on infringement of a series of patents covering the company’s quantum dot technology, which Samsung was accused of incorporating into its high-end “QLED” televisions. Samsung agreed to the settlement on the eve of jury selection for a long-awaited trial scheduled in the Marshall division of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas before the Hon. Chief District Judge Rodney Gilstrap.