Attorneys from Dallas’ Caldwell Cassady & Curry Win $1.68 Million Patent Infringement Verdict for Constellation Designs in Eastern District of Texas

MARSHALL, Texas – Attorneys from the Dallas intellectual property and business litigation firm Caldwell Cassady & Curry have won a $1.68 million verdict for Delaware-based Constellation Designs, LLC, in a patent infringement lawsuit against South Korea’s LG Electronics Inc. and several of the company’s affiliates.

The decision affirms Constellation Designs’ patented technology covering crucial elements for the emerging ATSC 3.0 (NextGen TV) standard for television broadcasts.

The verdict in Constellation Designs, LLC v. LG Electronics Inc., et al., No. 2:21-cv-00448, was handed down by an 8-member jury on July 11, 2023, in the Marshall Division of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas.

“We brought this case to establish our client’s rights and to set a rate for past damages,” says Caldwell Cassady & Curry’s Jason Cassady, lead trial counsel for Constellation Designs. “We achieved both plus an additional finding that LG’s infringement is willful.”

In addition to Mr. Cassady, the Caldwell Cassady & Curry trial team included fellow principals Brad Caldwell, Austin Curry, Brian Johnston, Warren McCarty, Daniel Pearson, Seth Reich, and associates Adrienne Dellinger, Aisha Haley, James Smith, and Alex Waldrop, and Andrea Fair from Longview, Texas-based Ward, Smith & Hill.

Caldwell Cassady & Curry filed the lawsuit in 2021 over the infringement of a series of Constellations Designs’ patents used in several of LG Electronics’ popular OLED and QNED televisions, U.S. Patent Nos. 8,842,761; 10,693,700; 11,019,509; and 11,018,922.

The jury reached its decision following five days of trial and just over two hours of deliberations, finding that LG Electronics should pay Constellation Designs for previously infringing the four contested patents. The verdict represents $6.75 per unit for each LG Electronics product the company has sold to date that includes the infringed technology.