Nanoco Technologies Ltd. v. Samsung Electronics Co.

Caldwell Cassady & Curry helped UK-based Nanoco Technologies Ltd. secure a $150 million settlement in a patent infringement lawsuit against technology giant Samsung Electronics Co. Nanoco, a company born from a university research group, is a leading innovator in nanoparticle and quantum dot technology. The company’s heavy metal-free quantum dots mitigate health risks presented by […]

Grace, et al. v. Apple Inc.

Firm attorneys represented a class of plaintiffs in a high-profile consumer class action case in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California based on allegations that Apple Inc. intentionally broke the popular FaceTime video chat feature for millions of customers. The firm successfully defended the affected customers against Apple’s multiple attempts to […]

Match Group, LLC v. Bumble Trading, Inc.

The firm represented Match Group, LLC, owner of numerous online dating brands, including the iconic Tinder application, in a highly publicized intellectual property and business dispute with competitor Bumble Trading Inc. in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas.

Texas Instruments, Inc.

The firm represents Texas Instruments in a number of patent infringement matters throughout Texas. One of those cases in the Eastern District of Texas, Vantage Micro LLC v. Texas Instruments, involved allegations of infringement related to TI’s fabrication processes. After moving for early summary judgment and to dismiss certain claims for lack of standing, the […]

Cellular Communications Equipment LLC v. Apple Inc.

Caldwell Cassady & Curry represented Cellular Communications Equipment LLC in a patent infringement lawsuit against Apple Inc. over a network technology patent. Following a trial heard in September 2016 in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, jurors found Apple to be a willful infringer and awarded a $22 million verdict in […]

Virnetx Inc. v. Microsoft Corp.

Attorneys at the firm represented VirnetX in its patent infringement action against Microsoft involving virtual private network technology. In 2011, a jury awarded VirnetX a $105 million verdict after finding that Microsoft’s infringement was willful. The case settled after VirnetX moved for a permanent injunction. Caldwell Cassady & Curry later represented VirnetX in subsequent litigation […]

Summit 6 LLC v. Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd, Facebook Inc., et al.

Mr. Caldwell represented Summit 6 in its patent infringement action in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas involving the company’s patents that cover the compression of images prior to uploading. All parties other than Samsung settled before a 2013 trial that ended with a Dallas jury awarding $15 million to Summit […]

Medtronic Inc. v. Boston Scientific Corp.

Mr. Caldwell and Mr. Cassady have represented Medtronic in multiple patent infringement actions involving coronary catheterization, stent design, and drug-eluting stent technology pending in the Eastern District of Texas and elsewhere. In Medtronic, Inc. v. Boston Scientific Corp., Mr. Caldwell represented Medtronic in a jury trial which resulted in a $250 million verdict in Medtronic’s […]

i4i Limited Partnership v. Microsoft Corp.

Mr. Curry represented i4i in a suit filed against Microsoft Corporation for patent infringement involving methods for compiling and maintaining the architecture and content of a document separate from each other. The jury awarded i4i $200 million in its verdict, and i4i successfully defeated all of Microsoft’s appeals—including Microsoft’s appeal to the Supreme Court of […]